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A wine-growing regionsteeped in tradition

The Seppi Vineyards are characterized by the distribution of our vineyards in different locations in Kaltern – each having its own, unique growing conditions. This is also a special advantage we enjoy, since it allows us to make use of the different soils and microclimates and to cultivate different varieties of grape.

Here in Kaltern, small geographic units are called “Riegel.” The names and designations of the various Riegel are often centuries old, and tell a story of the cooperation between Man and Nature.

The Panigl Riegel

On a slope near the center of the village of Kaltern lies the Panigl Riegel. The soil here is made up of argillaceous and sandy glacial deposits rich in humus – optimal characteristics for the cultivation of grapes.

The name “Panigl” pops up in village history for the first time in the mid-13th century. It alludes to the use of this land for growing millet (Latin: “panicum”) or perhaps to a field of yellow foxtail (Latin: “Setaria glauca”).

This is where we grow our Gewürztraminer and White Burgundy grapes.

The Prey Riegel

The Prey Riegel is located at the foot of the Mendel Mountains, where our winery is also situated. The soil here consists of clayey limestone gravel. This location is characterized by the air currents descending from the Mendel Mountains.

The name “Prey” is probably derived from the Lombard word “brayda.” In the mid-13th century, this term was used to refer to a small parcel of leased land.

This location is the ideal place for growing our Sauvignon grapes so that they can achieve the optimal degree of ripeness.

The See Riegel

As the name indicates, the See Riegel (“See” = German for “lake”) is located amid the delightful landscape at the famed Lake Kaltern. Our Vernatsch grapes thrive here on the pergolas typical for this location. The soil consists of sandy, clay-rich humus on limestone gravel. A light southerly wind is typical for this location.

The name of this Riegel refers to its widely-acclaimed lake, which belongs to the community of Kaltern. There are various theories for the origin of the name “Kaltern.” It seems likely that it comes from the Alpine Romanic word “caldariu”, which means “thermal bath.”

The Feld Riegel

The Feld Riegel is situated near the Mitter Mountain, and is slightly sloped. The soil here is rich in humus, clayey, and sandy – optimal characteristics for our Cabernet Franc.

Historically, the name “Feld” refers to a plot of land that had previously been fallow but then later taken under cultivation.




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